To support economic development in the North East by creating substantial wealth and opportunity.


To help create high value businesses and jobs in the North East:

  • Achieved by investing in, and developing, businesses with potential to generate substantial returns.
  • Underpinned by long term capital growth and sustainable cash generation.


1.We are Enterprising and Innovative

  • We back big ideas that can make a big difference

2.We are Competitive

  • We are always looking for a competitive edge that will give a predictable advantage (and ideally has a big moat around it)

3.We are Action Orientated

  • We make things happen – if in doubt we test – we don't dither

4.We are Evidence Driven

  • We measure results; we check what we don't know, we back what we know works

5.We seek out Partnerships

  • We aim to find the most talented operators, get to know them well and then back them
  • We seek out win/win deals with business partners

6.We aim to be the Best

  • We aim to hire, motivate and retain the best people
  • We encourage our employees to share our risks and rewards

7.We believe in Spreading Wealth and Giving Back

  • We aim to reinvest most of our earnings back into the business
  • We are committed to being involved with the community we live and work with
  • We contribute philanthropically