Welcome to Middleton Enterprises

 We invest in listed, growth and venture capital.

Our vision & mission


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading investment company in the UK. Known as an open and reliable business partner. Acknowledged for generating consistently high returns over the long term.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create economic value which benefits the people around us and our planet.

The success of our commercial investments will enable us to;


Create 1,000 jobs by 2030 by investing into SME’s.


Help charities to raise £1M pa for a range of good causes via The Middleton Foundation.


Make impact led investments which can reduce carbon emissions and inequality.

Our team

Jeremy Middleton
Chief Executive Officer

David Alprovich
Chief Operating Officer

Mike Elliot
Finance Director

Brett Rogers
Investment Director

Morag Stead
Management Accountant

James Middleton
Investment Analyst

Charlie Staite
Investment Analyst

Emma Borrie
Investment Associate

Rachel Johnston
Financial Controller

Nick Moore
Non-Executive Director

Paul Woolston

Catherine Middleton
Non-Executive Director


We responsibly manage the wealth of the Middleton family. Support their philanthropic interests and provide opportunities for future generations.


We find companies that have developed innovative products or technology and benefit from a structural driver which offer long term predictable growth.


We challenge the stereotypes of the investment world. We back great businesses rather than trade the stock market. High concentration and conviction are more important the diversification or volatility.


We develop partnerships with and learn from ambitious and successful entrepreneurs.


We develop a strategy and use data to make decisions.


We empower people to make decisions and take ownership and reward individuals who drive results.


We invest throughout the UK and internationally. Our roots are in the North East. We will always make investments, employ people and support charities in this region.

Our values