We are Middleton Enterprises.

We invest for growth and impact, creating jobs and economic value. We take minority stakes in high quality businesses, providing long term patient capital to ambitious entrepreneurs.

We make a small number of high conviction investments.

Partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs to scale their business.

Seeking the very best companies in the world.

Growth Capital

Partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs to scale their business.

Listed Equities

Seeking the very best growth companies in the world.

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Our Vision

Middleton Enterprises is a family office. Our team of 9 professionals, based across Newcastle and London, manage the business interests and philanthropy of the Middleton Family, providing opportunities for future generations.

Our purpose is to help create growing businesses that build wealth and employment, and that we are proud of.

Our goals are:

  • To grow our asset value by more than 10% per annum.
  • To create jobs by investing a high proportion of our assets into SME’s.
  • To address the social housing shortage for people coming out of social care in the North-East.

We are an open and reliable business partner, continually challenging the stereotypes of the investment world and developing long term relationships with ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative businesses.

“When you’re an investor, you can look at the quantitative and qualitative elements of an investment, but there’s a third aspect – how good is the entrepreneur? Do they have what it takes to succeed?”

Jeremy Middleton, CEO


Jeremy Middleton

CEO and Founder

David Alprovich

Chief Operating Officer

Brett Rogers

Investment Director

Fergus Dunn

Investment Manager

Growth Capital Portfolio