Listed Equity

We manage a concentrated portfolio of global equities. Seeking simple, predictable, capital-light businesses with a competitive edge.

  • Starting in 2013, Middleton Enterprises has generated an annualised return of 18% pa over 9 years. In comparison, the broader stock markets returned 11% pa.

  • Our sister company, Conviction Equities, have launched a fund making this strategy available to external investors.

  • Click here to find out more about the Conviction Equity Fund

Our Track Record

Per annum
April 2013-2021

1 %
1 %
MSCI World
1 %
1 %
FTSE 100

Our Listed Equities Criteria

  • Focuses on businesses where growth is underpinned by a multi-decadestructural driver, allowing for a long-term investment horizon.

  • Easily understandable business models, we avoid those not within our area of expertise.

  • Growth and value approach – we buy at a reasonable price, screening for high quality fundamentals.

  • Businesses must report clear, transparent, and predictable operational KPI’s. We pass on +90% of businesses reviewed.

Middleton Enterprises manage 3 more portfolios:

To learn more, contact our Investment Director, Brett Rogers.