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Middleton Enterprises make investment into OneGym

We are very excited to announce our investment into OneGym, a chain of gyms across the North East.

Founded in 2012, OneGym currently has fitness centres in six locations across the North East, each kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities such as saunas, sunbeds, and free exercise classes. Flexible low cost, peak and off-peak memberships give access to all gyms at no extra cost.

OneGym’s co-founder, David Pearson, says: “Middleton Enterprises has collective experience in supporting the growth of businesses like ours. For example, it uses a proven data-driven process, that considers factors such as population, income, and demographics, to help find locations with potential for growth.

“This means that, where we previously grew the business by opening one gym each year on average, we’ll now be able to open up to four a year. Its ‘Growth Capital’ has given us the funding and confidence to scale.”

Jeremy Middleton, CEO of Middleton Enterprises, adds: “We know from experience that gyms represent a great investment opportunity. Memberships generate a recurring revenue model. The economics just make sense and OneGym has a proven track record.”

“We want to be part of their growth journey,” he continues. “Our plan is not to come in, take over, and impose conditions. We want to give the co-founders Paul and David the flexibility, support, and time they need to succeed.” 

We look forward to supporting the business in it scales up, making additional investment available over time whenever the business’s growth demands it.

To find out more about OneGym, visit: