Middleton Enterprises make investment into SushiDog

Middleton Enterprises make investment into SushiDog

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Middleton Enterprises have had an exciting start to 2023, with a brand-new investment into SushiDog – a fast-growing quick service restaurant chain that’s revolutionising the way people eat sushi.

Founded in 2018 by Greg Ilsen and Nicholas Goldstein, the company currently has outlets in Westfield London, Covent Garden, Soho, and Bishopsgate. Primarily, this investment round will support the opening of new outlets in central London in 2023, with some investment in other areas of the business, such as strengthening its leadership team. The longer-term objective is to build out the chain across 30 sites over the next five years.

Jeremy Middleton, CEO of Middleton Enterprises, says: “SushiDog is a prime example of the type of profitable and fast-growing business that Middleton Enterprises typically identifies and supports. We felt the combination of its unique concept and strong economics, along with its impressive and ambitious founders and advisory board make SushiDog the perfect fit for our growth capital offering, and we look forward to adding value to the company as it grows.”

SushiDog’s Co-Founder, Greg Ilsen, said: “Middleton Enterprises have a strong track record in supporting businesses like ours, looking to expand and roll out more units. We were impressed with their Growth Capital investment strategy and their simple and straightforward way of doing business. With Middleton Enterprises, it’s not just about the funding; they’re a valuable partner, offering ideas on how we can achieve growth, as well as strategic business advice. We look forward to working closely with them as we execute our expansion plans.”

To find out more about SushiDog, visit: https://sushidog.co.uk/.

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