The Middleton Foundation launches Molly’s Project.

The Middleton Foundation launches Molly’s Project.

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The Middleton Foundation has announced the expansion of Molly’s Project, an initiative dedicated to providing affordable social housing for individuals with learning disabilities. The Foundations mission is to help them find and secure a long-term, forever home.

Building on their experience of working in Carlisle, the Middleton Foundation are investing a substantial sum toward this charitable cause, with plans to invest more and reinvest all rental income back into the project.

Molly’s Project, named in honour of a beloved family friend, is driven by the Middleton Foundation’s commitment to improving the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and creating a supportive environment for their well-being and development. The project aims to address the critical need for affordable housing options specifically tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Key highlights of Molly’s Project include:

Affordable Social Housing: The Middleton Foundation recognises the challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities and their families in finding suitable and affordable accommodation. Through Molly’s Project, the Foundation aims to bridge this gap by creating affordable housing options that prioritise accessibility, safety, and inclusivity.

Long-Term, Forever Homes: The project emphasises the importance of stability and continuity in the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. By providing long-term housing solutions, Molly’s Project aims to create a sense of belonging, independence, and security for its residents.

Collaboration and Partnership: The Middleton Foundation is working in partnership with registered Housing Associations. The project aims to leverage their expertise and resources to ensure the long-term sustainability and viability of the housing initiatives.

“We are incredibly proud to expand Molly’s Project through the purchase of a second property and first in the North-East. This is a significant step towards our vision of creating a society where individuals with learning disabilities have access to affordable, suitable, and long-term housing. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact, empowering individuals with disabilities to live a fulfilled life with independence”. Paul Woolston, Chair of Trustees of the Middleton Foundation.

In July, the first property purchased by Molly’s Project in the North-East was made in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Foundation has leased the property to New Foundations, a not-for-profit registered provider of social housing. Care for the residents, commissioned by Newcastle commissioners, will be provided by Orbis Support, a CQC-rated outstanding care provider.

This property and working partnership will provide a forever home for 2 ladies, Sharon and Jen. Both have complex health needs, and this tenancy will allow them to thrive by living an independent and supported life. Pauline, sister of Sharon, said:

“This tenancy would mean that Sharon has security and safety in the knowledge that her home is her forever home, and no one is going to take it away from her.”

To learn more about Molly’s Project, please visit:

The Middleton Foundation is a registered charity (No. 1168170).

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