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The Middleton Foundation is a vehicle for philanthropy, whose purpose is to support a variety of charities, and to make a significant impact over time.

The foundation currently has 2 projects

Charity Escapes and Molly’s Project

Charity Escapes (company number 10480807) is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of The Middleton Foundation, a registered charity (charity number 1168170), and the 1st long term project of the foundation.

Our mission is to make it easier for charities to source, and for businesses to donate, prizes that are needed for fundraising events. By doing this, we help good causes raise funds they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Our overall philanthropic aim is to raise over £1m, so that we can continue to support the fundraising efforts of incredible charities, working towards bettering the lives of millions of people throughout the UK.

‘Rather than simply giving our money away, the aim of Charity Escapes is to help charities help themselves’. And by doing this, we make a much greater impact. I think of Charity Escapes as ‘entrepreneurship’ for a good causes’.

Jeremy Middleton

Molly’s Project

Molly’s Project was set up by The Middleton Foundation to provide social housing for people with learning difficulties, coming out of the care system in the North-East of England.

There is a shortage of property for those with severe social, mental, or physical challenges. It is estimated there are around 200 people effectively homeless or stuck in unsuitable accommodation in the North-East alone. As a result, some are homeless, others are stuck in unsuitable accommodation, often “bedlocking” NHS facilities.

The Middleton Foundation plan to invest in 10-20 houses over the next couple of years, housing up to 50 people, and to reinvest all rental proceeds into more.

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