Growth Capital

We invest in and provide ongoing support for profitable companies with ambition to scale.

We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with them over the long term.

We add value and create wealth.

We bring commitment, contacts, expertise, and ideas to businesses, not just capital.

Our Track Record


50% site growth in 1 year


Sales increased <£1m to >£15m annually .


Gym portfolio increased 2x in 18 months

Our Growth Capital Criteria

  • Commercially proven & profitable operating model. 
  • Blueprint plan to repeat the existing business model, at scale.
  • Annual revenues £2m – £10m.
  • £250k-£2m EBITDA.
  • Ambition to reach £5m – £10m profit in 5 years.


We provide the right capital your business needs to grow, at the right time and on founder friendly terms.


We understand entrepreneurs' needs and are happy to provide liquidity and de-risking for founders through partial buy-outs.


We view our founders as partners, not portfolio companies, backing founders to execute their strategy and adding value where we can.

Well Capitalised

We back our winners. Initial minority equity investments of £500k-£1m, with additional follow-on investments as the business grows of up to £10m.


We aren’t a fund so we have no exit mandate. We are experienced in selling businesses, for good prices, when you think the time is right.


We bring ambition, contacts, expertise and ideas, not just capital. Including access to people who have grown a £4bn business.

Growth Capital Portfolio

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Meet our our Growth Capital experts

Fergus Dunn

Investment Manager

Fergus is responsible for the deployment of the Growth Capital strategy, investing in profitable businesses across the UK. Fergus’ investment experience spans multiple sectors and stages with broad experience across early stage allocation.

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James Middleton

Investment Associate

James is responsible for developing our growth capital portfolio by identifying opportunities, conducting in-depth research and supporting our investee companies. James has 5 years of investment experience, overseeing multiple transactions end to end, deploying >£7m of capital.

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